In the autumn of 2013, little did we know we were bound to meet at a restaurant in New York City that would one day be cherished as a fond memory, and would always be remembered as the beginning to our unique story. It was called Pizza Pub, and it was located at the corner of 23rd and 3rd, in the downtown Gramercy area of Manhattan. One day a young photographer girl who worked there on the weekends, and a pizza chef new to the neighborhood, were scheduled to work the same shift . . . and the rest is history. Recognizing the harmony of all their cultural similarities and differences, a new relationship was born (built up on much more than pizza); and they fell in love!

In 2015 we were engaged, and began to dream of a joint business where we could expand on our passions and experiences in the industry while bringing forward our own unique approach to fine dining, hosting and design. Also ready to begin our next chapter in a different location both inspiring and nurturing, in 2017 we packed up our bags and hit the road, traveling from Brooklyn to California. We were drawn to the Russian River Valley, where vineyards meet the coast, and right away knew it was exactly what we’d been searching for. With every bit of nature from the Redwoods to the Pacific to the amazing local produce, we were and still are, inspired. We decided not only to settle down in Northern California, but to also celebrate our long awaited wedding celebration; bringing Huria’s woodfired catering along for the ride. As we take these next steps forward, we are proud to introduce Huria’s and would love to bring our passion and magic to your next special event!

The Hurias